• Single Upright Monuments

    Single Upright Monuments

    Single memorials mark an individual plot and come in a variety of styles, such as monuments, markers, benches, and cremation memorials. With a very diverse collection of shapes, sizes, and granite colors to choose from, each style can be personalized to create a Forever Memory that is as simple or as intricate as you desire. 

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  • Double Upright Monuments

    Double Upright Monuments

    Companion memorials mark a dual cemetery plot and feature the family name. Like with individual monuments and markers, these come in a wide range of styles, each of which can be customized to create a beautiful tribute that appropriately celebrates the family it represents. 

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  • Grass, Hickey/Bevel, & Slant Markers

    Grass, Hickey/Bevel, & Slant Markers

    These markers provide simple elegance at a more affordable price than other types of memorials. They are typically rectangular in shape, although they can incorporate specialty-cut designs for a more unique appearance.

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  • Ledgers & Benches

    Ledgers & Benches

     A grave ledger is a large stone slab that covers the majority of a grave. Its size is great for a lot of information like a genealogy or list of accomplishments.  They are often placed in addition to a monument or marker, but can be the only means of marking a grave.

    A bench memorial is perfect as a stand alone grave stone, as well as a complementary companion piece where you can rest comfortably while visiting your loved one. The combination of functionality and beauty will give your memorial that special personal touch, while providing plenty of space for you to include names, dates, pictures, and custom designs. Benches not only make elegant graveside memorials, but they are a wonderful option for cremation niches and commemorative memorials too.

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  • Vases, Pet Markers & Miscellaneous

    Vases, Pet Markers & Miscellaneous

    Lake Martin Memorials is proud to offer our families a wide selection of memorial products.  This includes accessories such as vases or corner posts.

    Of course we can't leave out our furry family members.  Our pet grave markers serve as the perfect remembrance of your beloved animal friend.

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  • Granite Colors

    Granite Colors

    Granite is the most commonly used material for headstones—and for good reason. It is some of the oldest stone on earth, the second hardest substance next to diamond and can last for centuries with little degradation.  Read more to see just some of the granite colors we offer.

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